VHI Healthcare medical plan

What is the cost of medical cover if I join VHI?

This benefit is 100% paid for by the company.

What is the cost for adding a partner/dependant?

There is no cost to a partner/dependant. However, the medical cover is a taxable benefit. This means that the company pays the cost of the policy, but you pay the tax. This amount can vary month to month based on your personal circumstances, salary, and tax class.

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Whom do I contact to add a partner/dependant to my policy?

Contact VHI on 01 650 2690 to add your partner/dependant to your policy (you’ll need your policy number). Remember that your tax liability will increase.

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Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) plan

What happens if I leave?

If you leave PayPal, you have the following options:

  • Leave your funds invested in the PayPal PRSA
  • Transfer both your and PayPal’s contributions to another PRSA or pension plan
  • Elect to use your PRSA funds as retirement benefits (if you’re over age 50)

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What happens to the funds in my account if I die?

If you die whilst on employment, your dependants or estate receives a death benefit of 4x your basic salary plus the value of your PRSA fund at the date of death, subject to Revenue limits.

If you’re not an employee of PayPal when you die, your dependants or estate receives the value of your PRSA, subject to Revenue limits.

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Can I transfer my previous pension to PayPal's PRSA?

Yes, but there are certain conditions that must be met. Email mercer-elect@mercer.com for more information.

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If I have my own pension plan, will the company contribute to this instead of the company PRSA?

No. You must join PayPal’s PRSA to receive the company contribution.

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Paid Time Off (PTO)

I am applying to PTO, but don’t see it as an option. What do I do?

You won’t see PTO as an option if you’re a Genesys user. Make your PTO request in Genesys and not Workday.

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How can I check my PTO balance?

Select the Time Off Worklet or "My Time Off" to check your PTO balance.

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If I have a 0 PTO balance, can I still request PTO?

No. You will not be able to request PTO if you do not have a sufficient balance. Per our Time Off Policy, you are not permitted to go into a negative PTO balance. Please talk to your team leader or manager for further clarification.

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Can I change my PTO dates after submitting them?

Yes. In the Time Off Worklet, select "time off correction". Then select the dates you want to change, and you’ll be given the option to cancel the request and submit a new request.

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If I move to a new country within PayPal, what happens to my PTO balance?

Your accrued PTO balance will be paid out to you, and you will start with a new PTO balance in your new location.

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How do I apply for my bank holiday entitlement?

Go to the paid holiday section on the Bridge to see what happens if you’re:

  • Scheduled to work, but not required to work
  • Scheduled and required to work
  • Not scheduled to work

Enter a “Time in Lieu – Request Credit” to be credited the bank holiday. You must take the time off within one month of the public holiday.

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Paid leaves of absence

Can I change my leave of absence dates after I’ve submitted my request for approval?

No. You must cancel the request and resubmit. To cancel a leave of absence request, go to your Workday Inbox worklet, and select “Archive”. Select the cancel button, and resubmit the correct information.

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Can I apply for maternity leave before I’ve completed one year of service?

Yes. But if you have less than one year of service, you’re only eligible for the state-paid maternity benefit.

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Can I apply for paternity leave before I’ve completed one year of service?

Yes. But if you have less than one year of service, you’re only eligible for the state-paid benefit.

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Me2You recognition awards

How do I access my account?

Go to rewards.me2you.ie. Enter your user name (your PayPal email address) and password. If you need help, contact Me2You at sales@me2you.ie.

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How do I change my password?

If you forgot your password, go to rewards.me2you.ie, select “Reset Password”, and follow the prompts.

To change your password, select “User Profile” from the drop-down menu, enter your new password and your current password to change it.

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Why is my account locked?

Under the Small Benefit Exemption, you can receive a single gift card valued up to €500 once a year. If you receive a gift card of lesser value, you pay the income tax, even if the total is less than €500. Locking your account allows you to get the full €500 tax-free by bundling multiple awards.

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When can I unlock my account?

Accounts are automatically unlocked in early December. Talk to your manager if you need your account unlocked earlier.

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How do I check my balance?

Visit rewards.me2you.ie or call on 01 554 2000.

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Why is it important to know my balance?

If the value of your card is less than the value of your purchase, your purchase will be declined, unless you advise the shop assistant that you will pay the balance by another method.

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What happens if I leave the company and I have awards not yet redeemed?

If you’re leaving the company, your account will be unlocked, and you will have one opportunity to order a gift card for the full balance of your account.

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How long does it take for my card to be dispatched?

Cards will be dispatched within three working days of your order.

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Can I use the same card and top it up with my next award?

Your Me2You gift card is a single top-up card and cannot be reloaded. If you would like to redeem additional funds from your Me2You recognition account, a new card will be sent to you.

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Is my card active when I receive it, or do I need to activate it?

Your card will be automatically activated 24 hours after dispatch date.

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Is there a minimum/maximum amount I can buy a Me2You gift card for?

The minimum is €15 and maximum is €500. A greater value will require multiple cards.

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What happens if my card gets lost/stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, call on 01 554 2000 or email retail@me2you.ie. Advise us of your name and the card barcode number (printed on the reverse side of the card), and then confirm the notice, in writing, to Me2You.

If you cannot provide the barcode number, it can be more difficult to identify your card, in accordance with clause 7.2 of the Terms & Conditions.

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