Personal Retirement Savings Account

What you need to know

The PRSA is a long-term investment product that lets you create a pension fund for yourself when you retire. You can change the amount you contribute to it over time, and if you change employment, you can continue to use the same account. You can also switch from one PRSA to another at any time free of charge.

Who’s eligible

All employees working at least 20 hours a week are immediately eligible to participate in the PRSA.

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How the PRSA works

The company matches your contribution to your PRSA plan, up to a maximum of 7% of your gross salary. 

While there are no limits on the amount you can contribute, the government provides tax relief up to the following limits:

Under 30 years of ageUp to 15% of earnings
30–39 yearsUp to 20% of earnings
40–49 yearsUp to 25% of earnings
50–54 yearsUp to 30% of earnings
55–59 yearsUp to 35% of earnings
60 years of age and olderUp to 40% of earnings

PayPal’s contribution counts towards these limits. The maximum amount of salary that can be contributed to the PRSA is €115,000. Further details relating to the Standard Fund Threshold allowance for tax relief purposes are available at Irish Life.

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Getting started

You can immediately enrol in the PRSA by downloading the forms below from the Bridge (must be on the PayPal network), completing, and submitting them to

  • Mercer Fact Find form — Allows Mercer, as the appointed Pension Consultant to the Plan, to assess your scope and suitability to join
  • Irish Life PRSA application form — Member application form that formally adds you to the Plan. Be sure to choose your contribution amount and select your investment funds.

You choose your contribution level and the investment strategy or fund you want your contributions invested in. Ensure that your PPS number, staff number, and contact number is completed on the form.

Return completed forms to Mercer by emailing or sending via Post to:
Mercer-Elect Team 
Mercer Financial Services Ltd 
Charlotte House 
Charlemont Street 
Dublin 2

Once processed, your pre-tax contributions will be deducted from your pay cheque each pay period and deposited into your PRSA.

View the PRSA Plan Facts document or read the FAQs for more information about the PRSA.

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How can I change the amount of my contribution?

To change your contribution, email to confirm the new contribution amount and the effective date of the change.

How can I cancel my PRSA?

To stop your PRSA contribution, email, confirming the effective date for stopping your contributions. Mercer will notify the insurer, Irish Life, and payroll will stop the deductions at the next available payroll processing date.

Can I transfer my previous pension to PayPal's?

Yes, but there are certain conditions. Contact for details.

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