Milk Stork for new parents

What you need to know

Traveling for business and not sure how to navigate breastfeeding? Milk Stork makes it easy to manage the logistical challenges that come with breastfeeding and traveling, and it’s provided at no cost for PayPal employees.

Easy to use

  1. Plan your trip.
  2. Order Milk Stork kits as needed by calling 510-356-0221 or visiting (access code: PayPal). Choose between:
    • The 34-oz. Pump & Ship: This is a good option if you need to send home a daily supply of milk
    • The 72-oz. Pump & Ship: This is a good option if you have a stash of extra milk at home and/or you would like to send home more milk, less often
    • The 34-oz. and/or 72-oz. Pump & Totes: The Pump & Totes come with a tote bag to carry your Milk Stork cooler with you — a convenient option to support a short trip or to conclude a trip and a good option for weekend travel 

      Note: Supplies and products are subject to change. Please review for the complete list of current supplies and products available to you.
  3. The Milk Stork kit will be waiting at your hotel when you arrive. It has everything you need to store and / or ship your breast milk, including a pharmaceutical-grade cooler and storage bags.
  4. Pump throughout your trip. The Pump & Ship options provide at least 72 hours of refrigeration from activation. The Pump & Tote options provide up to 60 hours of refrigeration from activation. Do not freeze your breast milk — Milk Stork coolers are at refrigerated temperature.
  5. Either ship the milk home as needed, Monday through Saturday via FedEx Priority Overnight (shipping labels included), or bring it home with you.

Check out the Milk Stork video to learn more.

How does the Milk Stork cooler work?

Milk Stork coolers rely on the principle of evaporative cooling, continuously evaporating small quantities of water at low pressure over hours and days of operation. Water flow within the cooler is regulated — responding to ambient temperatures — which protects the cooler’s contents from external temperature fluctuations during shipping.

What kind of storage bags are included? Can I use my own preferred brand of storage bags?

Each Milk Stork cooler comes with Lansinoh storage bags. The 34-oz. coolers include 6 Lansinoh bags, and the 72-oz. coolers include 12 bags. If you would prefer to use a different brand of breast milk storage bags (other than the ones provided), Milk Stork recommends Up&Up (Target brand) or NUK bags. Please make sure to pack enough of your preferred bags to support your trip, and take care not to exceed the capacity of the Milk Stork cooler. Medela and Kiinde bags are not recommended. Medela bags did not perform well in testing — developing frequent leaks. Using Kiinde bags will reduce the amount of milk that you will be able to pack in the cooler. 

Note: Supplies and products are subject to change. Please review for the complete list of current supplies and products available to you.

How does my milk get shipped home?

Milk Stork Pump & Ships are labeled with FedEx Priority Overnight shipping labels. FedEx operates Monday through Saturday. FedEx does not operate on Sundays and certain holidays. Shipments sent on Saturday will arrive the following Monday.

FedEx Priority Overnight shipments originating from Alaska, Hawaii, and / or rural locations may experience longer transit times.

Occasionally, weather and other unexpected events may cause disruptions to FedEx's Priority Overnight service capabilities and shipping times. Milk Stork cannot control for these disruptions.

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