Changing your benefits

What you need to know

Outside of new hire enrollment or Annual Enrollment, which takes place each fall, you can only change your benefits if you have a qualified life event. As a result of COVID-19, the IRS extended the deadline to change your benefits. If you experience a qualifying life event, you can now make a change to your benefits through 60 days after the end of the “National Emergency period.” The National Emergency period began March 4, 2020. The ending has not been announced. Notify Your Benefits ResourcesTM (YBR) to change your coverage.

What is a qualified life event?

Qualified life events include:

  • If you have or adopt a child, or there's a change in legal custody of a child
  • You get married, divorced, legally separated, or there's a change in your domestic partner relationship
  • Change in employment status that results in a loss or gain of benefits, such as beginning or ending employment, change in hours, or an unpaid leave of absence
  • Change in dependent status of a child, such as when he or she reaches age 26
  • Significant change in spouse’s premium contributions
  • Significant change in dependent care charges
  • Entitlement to Medicare, Medicaid, or another insurance plan
  • Change in spouse’s benefit elections
  • Relocation of home residence outside of current coverage area
  • Death of a spouse or child

Need to waive coverage?

Health care coverage is extremely important, but you may want to waive coverage if you have coverage through a spouse’s plan.

If you need to waive medical and prescription drug coverage, do so by selecting the decline coverage box during the enrollment process.

To make changes to your benefits due to a qualified life event, visit Your Benefits ResourcesTM (YBR) or call 844-474-6641.

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