PayPal Gives

What you need to know

Give back to your community, and we’ll reward your efforts. PayPal matches your donations to qualified nonprofits, dollar for dollar, up to $2,500 USD a year. Even if you give just $10 USD, we’ll match it. Plus, you have up to 8 hours per year to volunteer your time to a qualified non-profit of your choice.

Get more when you volunteer

Through our charitable giving initiative, PayPal Gives, you can earn money for your favourite nonprofit while doing good! For every hour of your volunteer time, we’ll give $10 USD to the non-profit of your choice, up to $500 USD a year.

Give Time Off

Volunteer at a qualifying non-profit and still get paid! You can use up to 8 hours of Give Time Off (GTO) and get 100% of your base pay. GTO can be used after you’ve been employed for 1 year.

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