What You Need to Know

If you live in Hawaii, PayPal offers a bundled health care program through HMSA, which includes medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage. All programs are covered under HMSA.


Employees who live in Hawaii are only eligible for HMSA coverage. You’re not eligible for coverage through PayPal’s other programs such as Meritain Health, Kaiser, Delta Dental, or Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Moving to Hawaii?

Be sure to learn about the available coverage before you go, and avoid a break in insurance coverage. Your medical, dental, and vision coverage under PayPal’s US mainland plans will terminate at the end of the month in which you move to Hawaii, so it’s important to enroll in HMSA and complete the required supplemental forms before the deadline, to ensure continuous coverage.

How the plan works

The PayPal HMSA plan issues one ID card for your medical, prescription, dental, and vision benefits. Take a look at the HMSA Plan Overview to learn more.

Cost for coverage

You can review the cost for coverage for the HMSA plan at Contributions.

Provider contact information


HMSA Plan Details

MED 762 / DRG 972 / VIS 0DU / DEN C53
Group Number: 122270-1