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What you need to know

PayPal’s diverse workforce includes people of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual orientation, veteran status, and abilities. We welcome unique thoughts, opinions, experience, and leadership styles, and highlight them in our Diversity & Inclusion Communities.


Aliados is an employee led, self-directed voluntary group that offers opportunities to network internally, to attract a diverse employee base, to provide the inclusion of ideas and solutions, and to create opportunities for mentoring and career development. Aliados:

  • Fosters an inclusive workplace by enhancing the visibility, recruitment, and advancement of Latinx employees
  • Has a positive impact in our local communities by doing outreach and supporting digital inclusivity and education in collaboration with similar communities in our industry

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Amplify works to foster an inclusive workplace by enhancing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black employees while promoting cultural awareness. Amplify:

  • Offers professional development, networking, and mentorship opportunities
  • Supports business initiatives by providing culture-awareness insight and thought leadership
  • Enhances and promotes the PayPal brand by establishing connections with external organizations, strategic partners, and the communities where we live and work

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We believe all employees have the right to bring their whole self to work. Faith and worldviews are core to who we are — our values and beliefs — and to how we conduct business. The mission of Believe is to foster an inclusive workplace and to promote holistic wellbeing by providing a forum to openly exercise and celebrate all faiths and world views while working. Believe exists to create awareness and understanding of faith, hope, love, empathy, respect for one another, and service toward our customers, communities, and co-workers.

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This group celebrates and furthers our commitment to diversity and inclusion and support for our LGBTQ employees and allies. Pride:

  • Promotes the wellbeing of LGBTQ employees and allies across our markets
  • Raises awareness of and encourages sensitivity to the challenges the LGBTQ community faces, and also makes sure our products are inclusive
  • Helps direct PayPal’s outreach around human rights and health care
  • Offers ways our customers can give back to their local LGBTQ communities

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RISE is a community whose mission is to empower PayPal's Pan Asian employees to elevate to their full potential. We inspire PayPal’s Pan Asian employees to embrace who they are, as well as those around them. We believe the more inclusive we are, the stronger we become. This strength stems from our diversity of thought and culture, which will fuel our mission to unite and empower Pan Asian employees. We foster representation, awareness, and opportunities for our community, as well as seek to have a positive impact on the larger community throughout the world.

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Serve consists of PayPal employees who have served in the military, along with employees who support veterans’ causes. Serve members help make PayPal a more diverse and inclusive company by using their experiences and training to assist their teammates and PayPal. Serve:

  • Provides a place for veterans and allies to come together regularly
  • Offers professional and personal development opportunities, mentorship, and community outreach opportunities
  • Advances veterans’ causes, along with a vision to nurture an environment of integrity, excellence, respect, teamwork, and leadership consistent with PayPal business and diversity initiatives

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We foster an inclusive workplace for the disabled community at PayPal by elevating awareness, fostering safe spaces, and promoting the PayPal brand by establishing connections within the communities where we live and work.

We aspire to enhance the recruitment, retention, and advancement of neurodiverse and disabled employees, both visible and invisible, by:

  • Fostering a culture of openness — increasing awareness and providing education to the entire employee population
  • Strengthening employee resources — providing benefit information for employees with disabilities and forming strategic partnerships with external organizations
  • Building alliances — shaping strategic programs for employees through regular engagement with HR, TA, and other key stakeholders

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Unity is a group of women and men working together to create more opportunities for women at PayPal. The focus is on gender equality and gender balance. Unity:

  • Supports the next generation of women in engineering, encourages STEM careers among school girls, and provides engaging volunteer opportunities
  • Provides opportunities for building critical skills and leadership presence, including career development through hands-on education and leadership observation
  • Participates in industry events for women to access industry knowledge and insight on technical trends
  • Provides inspiration and motivation by hearing from role models about their career journey and opportunities to acquire knowledge from subject matter experts
  • Creates opportunities for our technical women to build acumen and share their passion through knowledge share, meet-ups, and hackathons

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