China Health Plan overview

What you need to know

The China Health Plan gives you and your family the health coverage you need, when you need it. It’s administered by Ping' an, which gives you a wide network of medical providers to choose from. You’re immediately eligible for the plan upon your hire date.


Some important information to know before you enroll in the China Health Plan:

Your eligibility begins on your hire date.

The maximum age for enrollment is 70, but you can be up to age 75 to renew your status in the plan.

Your eligible dependents include your children up to age 21 (26 if a full-time student with verification). They should be added to the plan when you enroll, unless you need to add a dependent due to a family status change in the middle of the policy year. Contact HR Hub if you need to add a dependent.

You must reside in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan for 2/3 of the policy year. Otherwise, your coverage may be restricted.

If you or your dependents are dropped from coverage during the policy year, you cannot be reactivated in the plan until the following policy period, unless you are being rehired.

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Plan conditions

Keep in mind the following when getting care:

  • Treatments must be deemed medically necessary to be covered
  • Providers (hospital/clinic/doctor) must be a legally licensed medical facility recognized by the local government
  • You are responsible for charges in excess of usual and customary fees
  • If you pay for care, your claim to Ping' an should be received within 90 days from the date of service
  • Certain procedures require pre-authorization

Usual and customary fees

Per the usual and customary guidelines, you will not receive full reimbursement for covered medical treatment at certain facilities. You will also pay an additional 40% copay when you receive treatment at the following facilities and others that are similarly priced:

  • United Family Hospitals and Clinics (Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities, if any)
  • ParkwayHealth Clinics / Gleneagles International Medical and Surgical Center (all cities except Beijing and Hong Kong)
  • Shanghai East International Medical Center
  • Shanghai Global HealthCare Centers (PuXi and PuDong)
  • WorldPath Clinic International
  • Raffles Medical Clinics in Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Tianjin TEDA, Shenzhen, Dalian (previous International SOS Clinics in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Dalian)
  • Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
  • Matilda International Hospital (Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital

In addition, MSH China will not accept claims for treatment received at the following providers or from physicians affiliated with: 

  • Asia Medical Specialists/Sportsphysicians (Sportsperformance Ltd.)

Coverage highlights

The China Health Plan gives you comprehensive coverage.

Medical care: 100% reimbursement, up to RMB 40,000 per policy year.

Hospitalization in General Ward: Under the premise of Social Medical settlement, the insurer reimburses claims according to the normal medical coverage and the reimbursement ratio.

Maternity: 100% reimbursement, up to RMB 15,000 per policy year.

Hospitalization income: RMB 100 per day, up to 180 days per policy year.

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