Claim guidance

What you need to know

Filing claims for eligible expenses is easy through the My Flex platform. All you need is your original receipts and any supporting documentation. Claims approved before the 20th of the month are paid through payroll the next month.

How to make a claim

  1. Scan copies of your receipts and any other supporting documentation.
  2. Log in to My Flex.
  3. Create a new claim under “FSA Claims.”
  4. Upload your scanned copy receipts and documentation.
  5. Submit your claim.

All claims must be filed by July 31. Any unclaimed funds will be forfeited.

What type of documentation do I need?

Before filing an online claim, be sure to gather the appropriate documentation. Save all receipts for eligible expenses so you can scan and upload them into My Flex when filing a claim. Keep in mind:

  • Original official receipts must include your legal name or company title
  • Formal invoices should be issued by China Tax Bureau with official chop, but official invoices or receipts from other authorized locations are also acceptable
  • Invoices are valid between July 1 through July 31 of the following year (current plan year)
  • Invoices that exceed the amount of your entitled credits can be resubmitted at a later date within current plan year

Claims submitted without the appropriate documentation will be denied. For more information, refer to your benefits handbook in the plan documents.

Use it or lose it!

You have until July 31 to use all funds in your FSA. Any unclaimed funds are forfeited.

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