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My Flex is a benefits program committed to caring for you. It gives you choice, flexibility, and extra value when it comes to your health and wellness benefits. Just choose the benefits that you’d like to claim for reimbursement.


All full-time employees and contractors are eligible for My Flex benefits. This benefit does not extend to your dependents.

You will receive an email from Jiafuhui with your login name and password. Once you receive this email, you can log in to access the My Flex site and change your password if you'd like.

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Flexibility. Choice. Value.

My Flex offers you benefits beyond the company medical plan — benefits that provide you with more flexibility, choices, and value to support your health and wellness lifestyle.

  • My Flex is about flexibility. Select any providers and plans provided by the company, or choose any legal facility you prefer.
  • My Flex gives you choices. Choose the benefits that meet your needs now; change your benefits as your life changes.
  • My Flex brings you more value. Maximize the value of your company-provided benefits by choosing the best options for you.

The plan year is July 1 to June 30. You receive RMB 5,000 benefit credits per plan year to use toward reimbursement of eligible expenses. Claims are submitted online and reimbursed through your FSA.

All expenses are subject to P.R.C. individual income tax.

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Preventive health care

You can be reimbursed for preventive health care received from any legal medical institution, including vaccinations and traditional Chinese medicine (herbal paste only).

Herbal paste from supermarkets and pharmacies is excluded, as are fees from non-qualified clinics or hospitals.

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Dental health covers the following expenses:

  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Therapy (including medicine and materials used during therapy)
  • Orthodontics
  • Planting
  • Cleaning
  • Whitening

Dental work must be performed in a hospital or dental clinic to be covered.

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You can seek reimbursement for vision care costs, including:

  • Glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Optometry and treatment (including myopic LASIK surgery)
  • Glasses repair
  • Glasses and contact lens accessories (cases, contact lens solution, etc.) 

Cosmetic lenses and cosmetic surgery are excluded. Expenses must be incurred at optical or department stores, hospitals, and Ophthal to be covered.

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Gym membership

Get reimbursed for fees from fitness and leisure time, including membership fees, gym cards (gym, swim, yoga, etc.), court and equipment rental fees, private coaching, and training class expenses.

Exclusions include the purchase of sport suits, shoes, sporting goods and equipment, transportation fees, meals, spa treatments, body massages, and facials.

Eligible expenses must be from a registered gym or studio membership.

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Leisure travel

The leisure travel benefit allows you to submit reimbursement of eligible expenses (up to RMB 2,000) incurred through any airfare, accommodation, and tour agency while traveling, including:

  • Accommodations
  • Air, train, and ferry tickets (must include your name and the fee)
  • Group tour costs 
  • Visa, travel documents, and passport application fees
  • Travel insurance
  • China Tax Bureau scenic spot tickets

Exclusions include food and beverages, internet and phone charges, taxi fare, car rentals, petrol, tolls, parking, shopping, and laundry expenses.

Note: If the traveling expense is in foreign currency, you must provide the exchange rate in RMB when filing your claim.

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Checkup packages and other health products

The Enterprise Zone offers you competitive checkup plans by recommended providers compared with similar plans in the market. It’s easy to purchase this customized product online and submit your claim for reimbursement.

This benefit reimburses medical checkup fees provided from any legal medical checkup clinic or hospital.

Medical checkup packages

Choose between 3 customized checkup packages provided through IKANG & HUAJIAN:

  • RMB 400 package — meets the needs of most people
  • RMB 600 package — covers specific tests for common critical illnesses for those dealing with stress 
  • RMB 1,000 package — designed for people with chronic disease

Exclusions include expenses incurred on medicine and materials during therapy, the medical examination fee, non-customized products in the Enterprise Zone, and fees for any unauthorized service providers.

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