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Find babysitters, nannies, elder care resources, and more through Bright Horizons.

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A sick child. A no-show sitter. Your caregiver’s having car trouble. Figuring out who will take care of your aging parent. Need some help finding short-term or long-term care resources? Bright Horizons® offers a range of services to meet your needs.

Your Bright Horizons benefit includes many solutions to support your family and career. With back-up child, adult, and elder care, you can reserve high-quality care, in-center or at-home. You can also exchange those back-up care visits for virtual 1:1 tutoring. Return-to-work care offers 10 additional days of backup care and with Bright Horizons Enhanced Family SupportsTM, you can jump ahead on the waitlist at Bright Horizons centers.

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Register at (username: PayPal and password: backup4u). Or call 877-BH-CARES (242-2737).

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Once you're on the site, follow these instructions to register for the benefit that fits your needs.

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Back-up child, adult, and elder care

Back-up child or adult care when you need it. Because sometimes your regular caregiver is out sick or on vacation, and you need someone to fill in. You can depend on Bright Horizons Back-Up CareTM service to help fill the gap whenever there is a lapse or breakdown in your regular care arrangements.

How it works

You can find convenient back-up child care at nearby centers with expert-informed COVID-19 protocols, or reserve back-up care for your child and adult or elder loved ones with in-home care providers who must comply with specific health and safety guidelines. Plus, you can also request education support for distance learning when searching for a back-up in-home caregiver.


Get up to 30 uses per calendar year for your dependent children or immediate family members or those of your spouse / domestic partner. Schedule care for up to 3 children (1 caregiver for all), and it will count as only 1 session. The costs for care are listed below:

Care typesCopaymentImputed income*
Center-based care$15 / child; $25 / family$93 per day
Virtual tutoring$15 for 4 hours$93
In-home child care$6 per hour$227
In-home adult care$6 per hour$292
Mildly ill care$6 per hour$299

*Imputed income statement: Per IRS guidelines, the value of childcare assistance benefits must be reported to Payroll. Required reporting for the back-up child care program will be on a monthly basis. The value of the benefit is listed above, and the applicable tax will be reduced by the required copayments.

Babysitters, nannies, and housekeepers

Through Sittercity, you have free access to a comprehensive online database, as well as online forums, tools, and resources, that can help you find occasional and everyday child care, care for children with special needs, and household help. All employees are eligible to use this benefit.

How to get started

PayPal employees now have free premium access to Sittercity. To access Sittercity, visit your Bright Horizons website (username: PayPal and password: backup4u), and click on Enhanced Family Supports. Select Details in the Search for Sitters, Nannies & Housekeepers section.

This will bring you to PayPal’s Sittercity home page, where you will create a username and password to gain access and begin to search for the solution to your care needs.

Note: If you’re already a registered Sittercity user, you don’t have to re-register. You can use your existing username and password. But you’ll need to contact the Sittercity Membership Services team at 888-748-2489 to have your account moved to your PayPal account.

Once you’re registered, you can self-select care through Sittercity for anyone you want, as many times as you want. Your use of Sittercity resources does not impact your back-up care use allowance. But Sittercity can be a great solution for finding care once you’ve used all the annual back-up care visits available to you.


The cost of care varies based on geographic region, type, number of children, and level of care. You can find a rate calculator to determine the pricing in the Trust and Safety Center on the Sittercity site.

To get a prorated refund for fees paid as a retail customer, contact Sittercity Membership Services at 888-748-2489.

Finding caregivers

Sittercity has a variety of filters to help match caregivers to your needs and preferences. You can access caregiver profiles and run unlimited basic background checks on any caregiver, free of charge. You can get an enhanced background check for an additional $20–$60.

Need a nanny? You have access to nanny placement services with College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors, including waved placement fees ($300 value), and a 10% discount on the hourly rate.

Center-based child care

Need ongoing care? Get ahead on wait lists at select Bright Horizons child care centers.

Preferred Enrollment

Preferred Enrollment allows you to gain access to available full-time child care spaces in Bright Horizons centers ahead of the general community. While Preferred Enrollment is free of charge, you do pay an initial registration fee, which will be applied as a credit (up to a maximum of $250) toward your next tuition payment after 30 days of enrollment. When selecting a center, you can download a coupon, which you should print and bring with you when you visit.

If you’re already registered at another Preferred Enrollment center location and you enroll your child at a new Bright Horizons center location, the registration fee credit is applied when you enter your second full month of enrollment.

Tuition discount

The tuition discount benefit provides you with a discount of up to 10% off child care tuition and a waived registration fee at select participating centers. Discounts vary by center and may only be available for children ages 2 and older. Check with your preferred center for details.

If you’re currently enrolled in a participating center that offers a tuition discount, reach out to your center director to inquire about the discount benefit. You’ll then be eligible to receive up to 10% off your tuition moving forward.

Finding child care centers

Visit your Bright Horizons website (username: PayPal and password: backup4u), and select Enhanced Family Supports. Select Details in the Get a Spot in a Quality Child Care Center box.

This will bring you to the Preferred Enrollment and Discounts for Child Care site, where you will be able to use the center search locator to find center options in your desired area.

If you have a child with special needs, note that we make every effort to accommodate all care recipients, including those with physical, emotional, or developmental challenges.

Note: If you are in the process of custody arrangements for your child, Bright Horizons cannot limit any parent’s or guardian’s access to his or her child without legal authority. If you believe any access or custody issues will arise during the course of your child’s care, you must provide a copy of a signed court order prior to care.

Elder care

The Years Ahead free online platform connects you with elder care tools and resources — including elder care planning and referrals. You can take a needs assessment online for your loved one, navigate through elder care options, access elder care resources, and get guidance in finding assistance programs.

Once you’re enrolled in Years Ahead, Senior Care Advisors are available to answer your questions about finding care for your aging loved one, from the initial conversations and decisions to determining the right caregiver or facility and moving your loved one. Each Senior Care Advisor holds a Master of Social Work degree and goes through a comprehensive course to become a CSA (Certified Senior Advisor). Senior Care Advisors are available via phone Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Central Time.

How to get started

To access Years Ahead, visit your Bright Horizons website (username: PayPal and password: backup4u), and click on Enhanced Family Supports. Select Details in the Find Elder Care Resources section.

This will bring you to PayPal’s Sittercity home page, where you can click to choose the Years Ahead resource and then create a username and password to gain access.

Note: You must register for Sittercity and Years Ahead separately. But you’re able and encouraged to use the same login credentials for each membership to ensure ease of use.


There is no cost to use the Years Ahead website resource. The cost of care through the Years Ahead agencies and facilities will vary based on the level of care and, in the case of in-home providers, the number of hours per week.

Tuition, test prep, and homework help

Navigating remote learning for your child? Your tutoring and test prep benefit gives you easy access to high-quality tutoring and test prep providers, offering a variety of online and in-person options with exclusive discounts for Bright Horizons families.

Discounted services

  • 2 free tutoring sessions or a set of free test prep materials for your student. Tutoring rates vary by location and average around $65 per hour.
  • 20% discount on tutoring services with Varsity Tutors and access to learning pods (for ages 5–18)
  • 20% discount on tutoring and test prep services with Revolution Prep (for ages 5–18)
  • 20%–65% membership discounts with Marco Polo app (for ages 3–7)

Who provides services

Services are provided through Revolution Prep and College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors — two long-standing partners of Bright Horizons that have a history of supporting our clients and their families. Placement fees are waived ($300 value), and a 10% discount is available on the hourly rate.

How to get started

Visit your Bright Horizons website (username: PayPal and password: backup4u), and click on Enhanced Family Supports. You will then have several options, including Get Academic & Virtual Learning Support, Access Premium Tutoring and Test Prep, Create a Learning Pod, and Get a Learning App for Preschoolers.

Frequently asked questions

For more information about Bright Horizons services, view FAQs on back-up care, Enhanced Family Supports, and tutoring support.

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Caregiving resources

Bright Horizons is here to support you across all life stages. Their experts have compiled a list of resources to help you navigate the tricky work-life equation, and succeed both at work and at home.

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