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Find babysitters, nannies, elder care resources, pet sitters, dog walkers, and more through Bright Horizons.

Sick child. A no-show sitter. Your caregiver’s having car trouble. Figuring out who will take care of your aging parent. What about someone to walk the dog?! Need some help finding short-term or long-term care resources? Bright Horizons offers a range of services to meet your needs.

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Register at and enter username: PayPal and password: backup4u. Or call 877-BH-CARES (242-2737).

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Once you're on the site, follow these instructions to register for the benefit that fits your needs.

Last-minute or short-term care

Backup child or adult care when you need it. Get up to 30 days per calendar year (each dependent counts as one use per day) for your dependent children or immediate family members or those of your spouse/domestic partner.

Note: In response to COVID-19, we have waived the usual employee copays for this benefit.

Ongoing or long-term care

Nannies, sitters for elder care, pet sitters, housekeepers, homework help. Bright Horizons' resources and discounts provide care for your whole family. Take advantage of:

Access to a comprehensive database of nannies and sitters for evening and weekend care (Hello, date night!)

Discounts and preferred enrollment for Bright Horizons center-based child care

Tuition discounts and more

Need ongoing care? Get ahead on wait lists at select Bright Horizons child care centers. PayPal employees also qualify for tuition discounts at participating centers.

Test prep and tutoring

Discounts on tutoring resources for SATs/ACTs, standardized tests, Common Core subjects, and general help for your child.

Important tax information

The IRS requires that these benefits are reported as imputed income, which means you pay federal taxes on the amounts listed below, minus your copay:

Center care: $86, minus your copay of $15 per day for one child = $71

For each child, the $86 benefit value will be applicable; however, your copay caps at $25 for two or more children. For example, 3 children would be $258 ($86 x 3) - $25 = $233.

In-home child care: $174, minus your copay of $6 per hour (four-hour minimum)

In-home adult/elder care: $252, minus your copay of $6 per hour (four-hour minimum)

In-home mildly ill child care: $269, minus your copay of $6 per hour (four-hour minimum)

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