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What you need to know

Save more with Perks at Work, an exclusive employee discount program from PayPal designed to save you both time and money. Take advantage of the savings and special offers on everything from home goods and the latest gadgets to monthly bills and big-ticket buys.

Key features

From purchasing your at-home gym to planning a weekend getaway, Perks at Work works for you! Whether you want to take advantage of the savings and special offers on home goods, the latest gadgets, and big-ticket buys or want the convenience of on-demand classes that fit your schedule, Perks at Work has what you need. All at a discount, too!

  • Savings across the board—from everyday purchases to larger-ticket items, all organized by category
  • On-demand and live classes for all ages—fitness, knitting, chess, cooking, and so much more
  • Exclusive discounts
  • New products and services hand-picked to make your life better

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Watch out for these great deals!

There’s always a new way to save with Perks at Work. Here’s what to watch for.

homeHome loans—Save on your mortgage with Quicken Loans and Chase.


airplaneTravel—From rental cars to hotels, check out these great travel deals for your next adventure.


diamondExclusive savings just for you—Choose one or choose all and make the most out of your Perks at Work account.


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