Employee Assistance Program

What you need to know

Stress. Depression. Juggling finances. Life can be messy. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help. You and your family members can get up to ten confidential counseling sessions by phone or in person per issue per year — for free — through the EAP.

Coverage for you and your family

You’re automatically enrolled in the EAP through Optum at no cost to you and can get up to ten counseling sessions per issue each year for free.

Get started now

Call Optum at 888-876-7830, or visit liveandworkwell.com (access code: PayPalUS).


More sessions may be covered, too!

Once you complete your 10 free sessions, additional sessions may be covered under your medical plan for the cost of a specialist visit. These are provided in addition to any services you receive through your medical plan.

Plus, get Referrals — and more

You can get referrals for the care of a child or elderly family member, help with managing financial problems, and much more through EAP Counseling Concierge Services. Reach out to a specialist who can help you:

  • Manage stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction
  • Handle relationship issues and divorce
  • Develop your resilience
  • Cope with illness and death
  • Manage your finances and create a financial plan
  • Access legal advice from a licensed attorney

Watch a short video to learn more about Optum EAP services.

Employees in Nebraska

EAP services through Arbor Family Counseling were discontinued as of December 31, 2023. The majority of counselors available via Arbor Family Counseling also participate in the Optum network. If you or your family member was receiving care with an Arbor counselor, please contact Optum at 888-876-7830 to verify whether the counselor is in the Optum network.

Please note that any EAP counseling services provided in 2024 by a non-Optum provider will not be covered through the free EAP counseling benefits and will be billed to your insurance as out-of-network.

Provider contact information