Your well-being toolkit

What you need to know

Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize your well-being. Feeling under the weather or stressed out? Need a new financial game plan? Trying to navigate child care? Good news: PayPal has programs and resources to help. Explore this page to see what your benefits can do for you. Bonus! Nearly all the programs listed here are FREE for you to use.

Your health

If you need to see your doctor, now

If you need help with your wellness or physical health

If you need help losing weight

Your emotions

If you need someone to listen

If you want an on-demand digital resource to help with stress

If you’re concerned about drinking or drug use

If you’re a UHC member and need emotional support

If you’re a Kaiser member and need emotional support

Your money

If you need help quitting bad money habits (bye-bye mindless spending!)

If you need expert money advice

If you want to spend less on the stuff you already buy

If you’re planning for retirement (hint: it’s never too early)

Your family

If you need help with care for loved ones

If you need help with pregnancy or parenting infants

If you need help with at-home learning for your children

If you need help raising a child with behavioral challenges