Your wellbeing toolkit

What you need to know

Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize your wellbeing. Feeling under the weather or stressed out? Need a new financial game plan? Trying to navigate child care? Good news: PayPal has programs and resources to help. Explore this page to see what your benefits can do for you. Bonus! Nearly all the programs listed here are FREE for you to use.

Your health

If you need to see your doctor, now

Virtual care through Accolade Care

Meritain members have access to Accolade Care, allowing you to see doctors and therapists by phone or computer — day or night. Get support for urgent care needs, including the flu, a sore throat, or an infection, or virtually see the same doctor or therapist for ongoing care needs, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Virtual care can be used for many of the same reasons you would visit a doctor in person, such as for prescriptions, mental health, or sleep problems.

Your cost for virtual care services is based on your medical plan’s coverage for office visits.

How to use it: Download the Accolade app (App Store | Google Play).

If you're a Kaiser Permanente member, view Kaiser’s video visit information.

If you need help with your wellness, physical health, or losing weight

Consider a coach through Vida. You’ll get tips and tricks for staying healthy, eating well, staying active, and losing weight via an online wellness coach, dietitian, and in-app content, at no cost to you. Plus, improve your sleep and build your resilience to better cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Your spouse or partner and dependents age 18 and older can also connect with an online coach!

How to use it: Download the app, and search for organization name PayPal (App Store | Google Play).

Your emotions

If you need someone to listen

Stresses, worries, anxiety. You may be feeling a range of emotions at various times throughout the day or week. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) now covers up to ten sessions, per issue, each year, for you to confidentially speak with a professional, at no cost to you. Plus, more sessions may be covered under your medical coverage.

How to use it: Call Optum at 866-248-4096, or visit (access code: PayPalUS). 

If you want to sleep better and reduce anxiety

Calm is the No. 1 app for mindfulness and relaxation to help you improve sleep, lower stress, reduce anxiety, and sharpen focus. You and your family members have unlimited and free access to Calm, including:

  • The Daily Calm with a new mindful theme every day
  • More than 100 guided meditations
  • Sleep Stories to help you drift into better sleep
  • Music to help you relax and reduce stress
  • Video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching

How to use it: Download the app (App Store | Google Play).

If you’re concerned about drinking or drug use

Dealing with a substance use issue requires help. The Substance Use Treatment Helpline and Live Chat program through Optum gives you immediate — and confidential — assistance, anytime, anywhere. So you can speak with a recovery advocate in real time, when you need one. You and your family members can confidentially use this program at no additional cost to you.

How to use it: Call 855-780-5955, or visit

If you’re a Meritain member and need emotional support

Therapy doesn’t have to be in person anymore. Available to Meritain members, Accolade Care has licensed mental health therapists to support your mental and emotional well-being by phone or video. You can review therapist profiles and choose to schedule a single session, or make it part of your weekly routine with the same therapist. Sessions are completely confidential and can be done on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How to use it: Download the Accolade app (App Store | Google Play).

If you’re a Kaiser member and need emotional support

You now have access to three mindfulness resources: myStrength, Ginger, and the Calm app. Tap myStrength for personalized interactive activities, in-the-moment coping tools, inspirational and motivational resources, as well as online community support. Text one-on-one with an emotional support coach anytime, with Ginger. And lower your stress, anxiety, and improve your sleep with help from Calm.

How to use it: For myStrength, follow these steps.

  1. Have your KP user ID and password ready.
  2. Go to and sign in.
  3. Once signed in, members can set up accounts for each app at no cost.

Your money

If you need help covering your expenses

With the ONE@Work app, you can get an advance on money from your paycheck before payday. So you don’t have to worry about late bill payments and fees, about being able to afford the necessities, and about living paycheck to paycheck.

How to use it: Download the app

If you need expert money advice

Talk with a pro. Ayco offers you personal coaches — for free! — who know and understand your PayPal benefits and how you can take better advantage of them to reach your financial goals. Goals like saving more, paying down debt faster, getting on track with retirement savings, understanding the impact of tax decisions, and much more. You also have access to Ayco360, a digital platform that puts money expertise at your fingertips.

How to use it: Log in or create an Ayco account.

If you need help with student loans

Schwab Vault, provided through Charles Schwab, is a student loan resource provided at no cost to you that may help you better manage your student debt. The app includes on-demand education and tools, such as a debt-to-interest calculator, to help you optimize your payments.

Learn more. Download the app.

If you want to spend less on the stuff you already buy

Food delivery, meal prep, tech equipment, entertainment. Why pay full price when you can pay less for these and a bunch more products and services through your Employee Discount program, PerkSpot?

How to use it: Log in or register with PerkSpot.

If you’re planning for retirement (hint: it’s never too early)

Whether you’re retiring next year or in the next ten years, it’s never too early to plan for your golden years. Check out our helpful timeline for the steps you should take based on when you’re planning to stop working. Need investing help? The investment team at Charles Schwab has you covered.

How to use it: Schedule a personal consultation, or call 800-724-7526.

You can also talk with a pro. Ayco offers you personal coaches — for free! — who know and understand your PayPal benefits and how you can take better advantage of them to reach your financial goals.

Your family

If you need help with care for loved ones

Use backup care for children or adults through Bright Horizons. Receive up to 30 backup care uses per calendar year (an additional ten sessions for new parents in the first year), you can use this benefit at no cost to you for either center-based or in-home care.

How to use it: Register in advance at (username: PayPal; password: backup4u), or call 877-242-2737.

If you need help with pregnancy

Fertility treatment can be complicated, emotionally draining, and expensive. Meritain Health members have another resource to navigate this very personal journey: Progyny. Progyny can help with services such as egg freezing, IVF, and pre-implantation genetic screening.

If you need help with at-home learning for your children

Juggling learning at home takes a village. Trust Bright Horizons World at Home to be part of yours. The no-cost program is designed by education experts and can help you with creating a daily schedule, keeping your children learning, and much more.

How to use it: Get started with Bright Horizons World at Home.

If you need help raising a child with behavioral challenges

Raising a child with developmental or learning disabilities? RethinkCare offers free resources — including guidance, support, and videos — to help you navigate your individual situation. And right now, RethinkCare is offering several specialized services and features, including remote consultation services and video-based lessons, for parents who need the extra support but can’t have an in-person meeting.

How to use it: Register with RethinkCare.